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Kindergarten is Hoot!!






Welcome to Mrs. Greta’s Class

Hello and welcome to our class webpage. My name is Greta Phillips. I went to college at Lincoln Memorial University. This is my tenth year teaching. I am married to Danny Phillips. We have four beautiful children: Courtney, Joshua, Braxton, and Dalton.  I love my job!!! I get excited every year to meet my new class. Kindergarten is a fun time to learn new and exciting things. This will be a fun year with challenges and engaging learning opportunities!! Parents are a child's first teacher and I am blessed at the opportunity to enhance their learning. I strongly believe that every student will succeed with parents playing an important role in your child's education.  I cannot wait to meet my class!!! I look forward working with you and your child. I hope this year is a great experience for you and your child.

Please read till the end of this page. There is plenty of information to remember. Feel free to go back and reread  and if you still have questions, I will be happy to answer them. You can message me through Dojo, write a note in your child's daily folder, or call me during planning.

I keep parents updated on twp free apps called "DoJo" and "Remind". It is a free app to download. For the "Dojo" go to www.classdojo.com. I will give you a code to sign up. I can keep you informed of what is happening in class/school, upcoming events, and weekly sight words. Please send a note or text me if there is a change in the way your child goes home that day. The "Remind" app, is easy. I only need your cell phone number. We can text through the apps. No one can see our messages about your child while using either app. I can send a message to all parents at one time. The message would be what we are working on and school events like mentioned above.



Please send a snack with your child the first full day of school and every

day after. We eat lunch early and by the end of the day, students are





Look for a Homework Bag

Your child will have a Daily Folder that needs to be checked every evening and brought back every day. We will have weekly sight words to learn. They will have to write the words and study them to know them by sight. Students do not have to spell them. Test is on every Friday. Students will have a weekly story that they have to read and the book needs to be brought back every day. I will take the small books up every Friday. Each week, we read a new story.


Your child will be given a sight word notebook that is different from weekly sight words. This sight word notebook will stay in their Daily Folder/Notebook. Also, students will have a weekly test over these words. It start will letters, sounds, words, phrases, and sentences. Please keep it nice and clean. They can not write in the book or go on to the next page until it is assigned. The first three students to complete the sight word notebook, will get a Happy Meal from me during snack time.


Another reminder, please send a snack daily. When it's snack time and they do not have a snack, they get upset watching others eat. Thank you!

Supply List *These items are used daily and not replenishable. Several months in the school

Plastic Crayon Box            year, your child may need more.

2 - boxes of Crayons

2 - packs of Pencils

2 - liquid Glue (not sticks)


Hand sanitizer


Wish List: Any extras of the  following items would be appreciated:

Lots of white school (bottle) glue, pencils, crayons, Baby wipes or Clorox wipes, Germ-X,  and Kleenx Tissues


Just a few reminders.....

Please, send a snack with your child everyday.

You may want to keep extra clothes in his/her backpack in case of an accident.


Please keep the office and  myself informed if phone numbers change.

Please , note that attendance does count in kindergarten. If your

child is not at school, you may put either a Dr. excuse or parent note inside daily folder. I will turn it in to the office. Students will have a daily folder that we will use to communicate. Dr. excuses, notes from home, homework, etc. can be found inside. I will check folders daily.

Kindergarten teachers send weekly word list and /or notes home so parents are aware of upcoming skills and school activities. Please read the notes , Dojo, and Remind text. We learn and/or review skills daily to prepare your child for chapter test, the STAR test and first grade.  It is extremely important that your child attends school everyday.







Caught being good:

1. Free time.   

2. Prize from tressure box.

3. Teacher helper


Ram Store: Weekly Dojo Points equal Ram Bucks

10 points = 1 Ram Buck

20 points = 2 Ram Bucks

30 points = 3 Ram Bucks




Some websites that will help your child are the following:



















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