Hello and welcome to our class webpage! My name is Kc Hicks. I currently live in Robbins. I went to college at the Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee where I earned a bachelor's degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies. I am excited about the new school year and am looking forward to working with my new students! This will be a fun year with challenges and exciting learning opportunities at every corner! Parents are a child's best advocate. I strongly believe that a parents role in a child's education is key for success! I make myself as available as possible for meetings and phone conferences. If you have any questions or concerns about your child I encourage you to contact me. My email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I am available for conferences during planning time and would be willing to meet after school.




Dear parents,

Here are some awesome, free educational websites that will help your child with letter sounds and blends! These sites do not require any downloading and are safe for your computer. I STRONGLY encourage you to let them get on these sites as often as possible. There are lots of educational games so your child will be learning and won't even realize it! You can open another window to play the games by simply clicking on the link.




Harcourt Reading Series


Spelling City


This link is for parents to see what their child should be learning in Reading and Literature throughout the school year. These are called Common Core Standards.  I encourage you to look at them often and to discuss them with your child at home.




On this page I have included links to websites for math just like the ones for reading. I have also included the Common Cores Standards for 1st grade math at the bottom of the page.



Hooda Math


Common Core Standars/ Math






 Most weeks children will have some type of homework. The homework will not be something that we haven't already covered. It will be work that is meant to build on or strengthen a skill we are already working on in class. I do require that students read with an adult every single school night for at least 20 minutes. The best way to become a good reader is by reading! I have some tips for helping your child. They don't have to read the story themselves every night. But if you read to them always be sure you point at the words and that they are looking at them while you read. Here are some reading strategies. You could do one of these each night using the same story!!!!!

*Parent Read: This means exactly how it sounds. You read the story to your child! Most children really enjoy being read to. And believe it or not, just by reading and pointing to the words you are helping your child become a better reader!!!!

*Ask questions?!?!?!: Some great questions to ask are/ Who are the main characters? Where does the story take place? What is the problem or plot? What is the solution or conclusion?

*Echo Read: This is where you say some of the words and point at them, then you have your child repeat what you say and point at the words while they say them. You will start to notice that they put the same emphasis on the words that you do! Remind them not to be robot readers and to use their voices to show expression! :)

*Read With Me or Choral Read: This is when you and your child read the story out loud together at the same time.

*Read to Me: This is where  your child reads the story to you! Be sure to brag about how well they have done! This will help build their confidence and make them want to read!




Please remember to bring these items the first week. 



Pencils! (Lots and lots of pencils!!!!)

Erasers (the kind that go on the end of the pencil)

3 Lined Handwriting Tablets

 1 wide rule pack of paper

1 black and white composition book (for our learning journals)



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